Madurai Hinterland

by Admin On 26/02/2014 - 1:14 PM

Madurai Hinterland comprises of totally  9  districts, with huge business and tourism potential.

MADURAI : A Cosmopolitan city with huge business & tourism potential – Gateway to Southern Tamilnadu.

  • Medical Tourism is a thrust area with leading institutions like Aravind Eye Hospital, Vasan  Eye Care, Apollo , MMHRC, Vadamalayan , Devdoss hospitals etc.
  • Approximately 500 foreigners visit Madurai for its tourist attractions alone every day, which is the highest count in state, next to Capital Chennai. Surrounding attractions like Rameswaram, Kodaikanal, Palani, Tiruchendur, Courtalam etc. attracting many ethnic tourists who are not included here
  • A large population of Madurai region is settled in various destinations like Middle-East, Far east, Europe, US etc for their job.
  • Information technology field is picking up in this region and with Government’s attempt to mass-Industrialize this area, Trade contacts between Madurai and various nations become inevitable one.
  • Textile business is well established in this region with State’s largest integrated textile park functioning here. Textile, rubber products, Jasmine and other agricultural products will be the major Cargo from this region which is now being done from Cochin.


  • Ramnad is just 125 Kms from Madurai, with huge number of Muslim population, having regular trade contacts with Middle eastern countries.
  • At least one from each family of Ramnad population is settled in Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah, Kuwait, Abu dhabi, Bahrain, Jeddah, or Amman etc.
  • Rameswaram is a tourist attraction, receiving more than 300 domestic and Foreign tourists daily 
  • Many Small scale Industries such as Fishing  and  Ship-spares manufacturing units are prevalent here  . Cargo like fish products can be exported  from Madurai airport from this region.


  • Karaikudi– a small heritage town, is just 85 kms from Madurai, with rich Chettinad Culture & traditions.
  • This region has a huge number of its population settled in Malaysia, Singapore & middle-east nations for their job and trade.


  • Tuticorin  is an Industrialized city in Southern Tamilnadu, and is  just 110 kms from Madurai. It is second largest Sea-Port in TN. It handles Cargo Ships & Passenger Ferry service to Colombo.
  • Business/trade contacts are more in this region with number of Industries on Power-generation, Chemicals, Fishing & Shipping. 
  • People from this region are settled in Maldives, Colombo, Middle-East & Far-East. 


  • Virudhunagar is a small  town, just 40 Kms from Madurai with highest GDP rate in Tamilnadu. 
  • It has many small scale Industries like Crackers & Matches manufacturing, Printing, as well as Textiles and Spinning Mills. 
  • Many from this region have settled in Maldives, Malaysia, Dubai & Singapore.
  • Other small towns like Sivakasi, Srivilliputhur, Rajapalayam have trade contacts with various Middle East & Far East nations, Colombo etc. promising a good Cargo movement from Madurai airport


  • Dindigul, a small town just 65 kms from Madurai. It is a industrialized town with Spinning mills, Scent Factories, Leather factories, etc.
  • Huge Population living in Dindigul – Natham – Madurai stretch have settled in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok and Middle-East nations.


  • Tirunelveli, a city known for its educational standards & Culture, is just 140 kms from Madurai.
  • Richest human resource for many Industries in Indian Metros and abroad. A fair amount of Population has settled in Middle-East, Far East, South Africa & European nations.


  • Theni, a beautiful town amidst Western Ghats, is just 65 kms from Madurai. It has lot of tourist attractions including Thekkadi, Suruli Falls etc.
  • Grapes, Flowers, Spinning mills, Spices etc. from this region make it a great potential for huge Cargo movements from Madurai.

Parts of Kanyakumari & Pudukottai districts 

  • Though Trivandrum is  much closer than Madurai for Kanyakumari district, Some fraction of people who are settled in Middle-East & Far East nations, will still prefer Madurai airport because of good road connectivity and language.
  • As both Trichy & Madurai are almost at the same distance for Pudukottai district people, both airports will get equal share from this region. This region population has settled in almost all Middle-East & Far-East countries.