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We dont sell what we have, We create what you want.Varnam is the pioneered art gallery started down south of Tamilnadu, in Madurai with a view to promote Contemporary Art.

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Varnam Art Gallery Varnam Creative Studio 23, Sarojini street, Chinna Chokkikulm, Madurai

Madurai,Tamil Nadu


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Varnam Interiors


We Dont Sell What  We Want, We Create What You Want

Varnam is the pioneered art gallery started down south of Tamilnadu, in Madurai with a view to promote Contemporary Art.

Varnam has started by Mr.Rengarajan on 2008 and all the activities are visualized by Mr. Janakiraman.

Varnam has been continuously involved in the recognition of the famous artists and promotion of emerging talent towards recognition. Our artists are handpicked across South India who put their heart and soul to every creation done. Each "stroke" manifests an appreciation of the journey of the artist's soul in all facets of life and indeed beyond

Varnam has curated well-conceptualized unique shows highlighting diverse art forms like painting, sculptures and installation art and successfully sustained a dialogue with the viewers at a level of artistic perception and aesthetic debate.

The art scene has now entered what can be described as a maturity phase. To bring this scenario live in Madurai we create interactive art platform by organizing art shows and participating art fairs and art festivals with specially curated artistic creatives by budding to professional artists which could bring a spontaneous connection between themselves and with the wider audience and buyers.

As a prestigious participation Varnam is exhibiting the paintings of the above mentioned artists creatives in India Contemporary Art Festival in Mumbai which is the most happening and the biggest Art Fair held in India.

As we are basically into creative industry, we put our feet further to promote Contemporary Interiors, Varnam Creative Studio, and an artistic space designing studio. Varnam hold a team of hand-picked craftsmen with exemplary talent who execute our versatile designs into reality.

We extend our expertise in Interior Designing that will take you to a height where your dream interior comes to life. We understand your passion for a perfect interior that reflects your pride. We work as per the need of the client on various parameters making sure that complete satisfaction being the final goal.

All these days we were forced to repute interiors with the commonly available products in the market which could not reflect our expressions. Similarly, it has been a hectic task in getting perfect interior with creative ideas to fulfill our dream interior.

Here we play a necessary role in catering the people by providing conceptual themes for their interiors, which we design and execute from a classical to a contemporary end at their reach.

Each and every project is custom made and individually designed with creative Ceiling, Wall panels, Handrails, Rugs, Natural and Artificial Flooring, artifacts, and futuristic furniture which provide our Interiors an eclectic mix on any theme as per the project and executed by our team of skilled craftsmen like Carpenters, Artefact designers, FRP and Metal Casters under one roof. Our projects are thematically designed from a Door Handle to the Chandelier which will be created and executed by our artisan in the studio. This is how we make our business so interesting.

As we don’t duplicate, each work is unique by itself to any creative end depending on the clients need.

In the gallery, we organize the outstanding art minded people with a national reputation, to conduct workshops, Demonstration, Camps and Interactive sessions for every level of experience from budding artists, who are taking their first steps in creative expression to emerging and professional artists who want to expand their horizons.

The art scenario has changed a lot over the past few years. Today art is increasingly being seen as an investment rather than something which would grace the walls of your house and be with you for a lifetime

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